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Laundry Duct Cleaning

Laundry Duct Cleaning

Laundry fires have been spreading due to dirty exhaust ducts causing serious damage not only in the laundry but also in the main building resulting in injury or loss of life. The spread of fire can be minimized by the regular cleaning. Our hygiene services are carried out in accordance with Dubai Municipality Order No. 61/1991 and NFPA # 96 (National Fire Prevention Authority of USA) which clearly states that the “entire system shall be cleaned to bare metal”. Inspection and or cleaning should be carried out at least every six (6) months or earlier depending on the type and amount of usage.

Nortex will clean the entire ductwork, where physically possible, including the vertical sections. We clean vertical ducts using several methods, one of which is a rotating brush and high-pressure air stream nozzle.

If practicable and safe to do so, the ducts may be contact-cleaned manually by a technician physically going inside the ductwork. This is only possible if the duct support brackets and hangers have been verified and considered as strong enough to take the additional weight.

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